Mattie Harris Lyon

One of the most respected citizens in Marietta was Mattie Harris Lyon. She was known as the “Mother of Marietta” because of her loyal devotion to all of the residents regardless of their social standing or race.

She lived an active life through the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, and World War II to the age of 97. During that time she was very active in the First Methodist Church and supported missionaries on the foreign field, was active in the local PTA, helped to establish the American Red Cross in Cobb County as well as the Community Chest, was an active member of the Garden Club, and was very active in helping the African Americans through inter-racial activities to promote education.

Because of her volunteer service, she was given a lifetime membership to the Marietta Country Club.

She was probably known best known for her war efforts. She did everything from knitting socks for the troops during the Civil War to recycling metal including spent ammunition she found on Kennesaw Mountain. She was extremely active in the Kennesaw Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy keeping records and writing various accounts of their activities as well as memories of events during the Civil War.

A bronze statue of Mattie was the first one purchased and placed by her grave in the Marietta City Cemetery but visible from the Confederate Cemetery.

Her words are found on the bronze books located on granite benches located throughout the Confederate Cemetery and Brown Park.