May 4

As the Western & Atlantic train came to a stop at the Marietta depot, a stranger jumped down and ran toward the telegraph office shouting, "The Yankees are coming! The Yankees are coming!" He excitedly reported that he had been tasked with telegraphing the news to Atlanta to enlist aid for the Confederate Army. The Federal cavalry were on the Coosa River just over the Alabama line and their goal was to enter Georgia. This news soon spread throughout Marietta and Cobb County.

Rumors began to circulate throughout the county regarding the intent of the Federal Army crossing into Georgia. The residents of Cobb County feared that the Army would burn their homes, drive them away, and that it was possible that the enemy could be on their doorstep within hours. Almost immediately schools were cancelled and the children sent home to their mothers. Plans for the defense of Marietta were underway, and a home guard was assembled from available men and boys who were not off fighting the war with army regiments. It was nearly a week before the excited residents calmed down when they learned that the Confederate cavalry repelled the Federals.



On the first Tuesday in July, citizens of Cobb County amassed at the courthouse in Marietta for the purpose of establishing a home guard to defend the County. They became part of over 15,000 home guard established statewide under the command of General Howell Cobb.




As the war began spreading to Georgia, the Battle of Chickamauga (September 19-20) caused massive numbers of casualties and Confederate forces established hospitals in Marietta and surrounding areas. Many of the buildings in Marietta were taken over for this purpose including the Georgia Military Academy, the Masonic Lodge, the Kennesaw House and all of the churches around the square. All the while, sick and wounded were being transported by horse-drawn wagons from the battlefields to Marietta. These hospitals would remain in Marietta until the approach of the Sherman’s army threatened their existence on his march to Atlanta.