The first refugees arrive in Marietta with the fall of Ft. Donelson and Nashville. Among these early refugees are the McAdoo Family. They settled in Marietta and build their beautiful home, Melora, out on Powder Springs Road. It was there that William G. McAdoo was born. He later served as Secretary of the Treasury under Woodrow Wilson and as a U. S. Senator from California.



(12) - Union Raiders, led by James Andrews and dressed in civilian clothing arrive in Marietta on April 11. They check into the Fletcher House (now the Kennesaw House) Hotel and plot a mission of sabotage, which includes stealing the locomotive “The General.” On the morning of April 12, they board the train in Marietta. When it stops in Big Shanty for the breakfast stop, the men take possession of the train. Captain William A. Fuller, conductor of the train, leads a tenacious band of Confederates in hot pursuit and the plot quickly falls apart. The Raiders quickly abandon “The General” at Ringgold, but are eventually captured. They later received the first medals of honor (some posthumously) bestowed by the United States government.

The Confederate Congress passes the conscription act. Cobb County quickly fills its quota of 192 men.



A group of drunken, disorderly Confederate deserters arrive in Marietta and barricade themselves and their hostages in the Fletcher House (now know as the Kennesaw House). The town marshal and his men quickly surrounded the hotel. When the deserters attempt to leave the hotel, a gunfight ensues and one man is killed. As a result of this incident, the Mayor and Council raise the cost of a liquor license to $5,000.