(19th) - Georgia votes to leave the Union at the Secession Convention in Milledgeville, with all three Cobb County delegates voting in the affirmative. Those representing Cobb were George D. Rile, A. A. Winn and Elisha H. Lindley.

The Kennesaw Dragoons organize as the first military unit from Cobb County.



The Confederate government investigates the possibility of naming Marietta as the Capital of the Confederacy. Henry Green Cole was offered $50,000 for 23 acres of land. He declined and the land later became the site of the Marietta National Cemetery.



(24th) - Phillips Brigade is organized.



(11th) - Camp McDonald, named in honor of ex-Governor Charles M. McDonald was organized at Big Shanty. It was established as a school of instruction for the 4th Brigade of Georgia Volunteers



(23rd) - The Battle of Manassas is fought and the first casualty lists of Marietta & Cobb men begin to appear.

(29th) - Military drills commence every afternoon on the Marietta Square. Merchants close their businesses at 5:30pm to participate and the entire town turns out to watch.



(3rd - 12th) - Troops training at Camp McDonald leave for the War. Phillips Brigade is attached to the Army of Northern Virginia.



(11th) - Joseph E. Brown is elected to his third term as Governor of Georgia. Brown will move to Marietta after the War and build his beautiful home "Oakmont," which still stands today.